A whole new way to outsmart cold, flu and allergy season

Yes, it's from the maker of a drugs and treatments for colds - but that makes it even more interesting. Imagine ads as apps that add value? Security and privacy concerns? Sure. The future? Maybe. Discuss. :)
@geoffclapp well like they say fear is one of the best ways to sell. I'm a little confused as to what "self-reported data from local doctor's offices" is, or is that what you were alluding to by "privacy concerns"
@edwinespinosa09 @geoffclapp I believe people are going to go nuts that it's a drug company in the end, and make all kinds of claims about the data, security, etc (the fear of big pharma...some of which is warranted) That's all I meant about security and privacy concerns. That said, privacy is always given away when outstripped by value...can this provide enough value to pass that bar? Not sure...but it's cool :)
@geoffclapp yeah i see what your saying. Agreed it is definitely interesting enough to warrant a download