Healthy Minds

Improving mental health awareness with interactive content

Our mental health awareness app is designed to engage users worldwide, providing interactive content in range of subjects. The app can be used by parents, adults, children (12+) and within a classroom setting to create discussions around Mental Health.

We want to empower individuals and help them build resilience against Mental ill Health.

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Anna Kubátová
Anna Kubátová@anniek · Marketer at TappyTaps
Great idea. How exactly does this work? :) Is it focused on eating disorders too?
Mayuir Sidhpara
Mayuir SidhparaMaker@mayuirsidhpara · Healthy Minds Online
@anniek Good to hear from you. At the moment, there are a range of areas covered, such as Anger Management, Stress, Depression, Bullying, Cyber-bullying and more... The courses offer educational content, as well as activities that can help. There are a range of subjects to come and Eating Disorders is already on the list. There is also new development under way, but cannot say yet. Stay Tuned to find out :)