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Secure way to track your food intake & sport activity daily

The dapp is helping every person to live a healthier life by letting them track what they eat, how many calories they consume, how much sport they do every day, how many calories they burn in sports activities, etc.. All personal data is encrypted.
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Dapp's data is stored on the blockchain.
@nadiakaloyanova1 why aren't you calling yourself a "Maker"?
Congratulations on the launch. I actually checked out the app earlier today. Looks great.
Thank you
Looks very good! Are you planning to update the app to automatically calculate the calories I have consumed from the name of the food I log? Sometime I just want to log 1 banana and the app could automatically take from some API that 1 banana = 89 calories.
Yes, I am planning to auto suggest the calories automatically based on the type of food indicated. For example, if you type apple, the default calories values for one apple would be automatically suggested in the future.