Instant, free answers from 100K U.S. doctors over Messenger

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Fyi friends: we just made a short video that explains how our bot works. Check:
Wow, how was this not posted yet? Been following the great work that's been coming out of this team for more than a year. It's inspirational for adjacent and non-adjacent industries (financial services, I'm looking at you).
Thank you so much for the love @alirtariq! As the maker I deeply appreciate your kind words. We launched the service on Facebook Messenger yesterday:
Seems cool. Is it really free all the time?
Yes it is @lajeunesse88. Answers from our library and answers from the doctor network are completely free. If you want an expedited answer or want to do a live chat with a real doctor you pay a fee.
This is amazing, great example of a very useful Messenger Integration!
Thanks for your kind words @mdekuijper.
Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina.