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Gerry Giacoman Colyer
Gerry Giacoman ColyerMakerHiring@ggiaco · Siftery / Make the world a smaller place
HealthSherpa is a mission-oriented, fast, and free alternative to We're a small startup now closing in on 500,000 people enrolled in Obamacare-compliant health insurance, and we're hoping to end 2016 with over 1M enrollments. We do this by working directly with consumers, through partnerships with non-profits and companies (e.g. Enroll America, Out2Enroll, Nerdwallet, Autozone), and the now more than 12,000 licensed agents who use our enrollment platform. Backers include Y-Combinator (S 2012), Kapor Capital, SGVC, Innovation Endeavors, and Andreessen Horowitz. Though we got some early press at launch ( through being featured on ProductHunt, we're hoping to re-introduce the company to the tech and startup community. We're also rolling out our partnerships and would love to talk to those interested. More info on that here:
Andrew Sass
Andrew Sass@andrewsass
Incredibly helpful site! Especially after trying to navigate
Jeremiah Lee
Jeremiah Lee@jeremiahlee
This seems like a great product. However, when people use "Sherpa" to mean "guide", they're reducing a vibrant group of people to one job. Many Sherpa people have spoken out that they do not like their identity being appropriated in this manner. Please consider changing your name. Unless you're a member of the 18 Sherpa clans, you're appropriating a culture for your branding. For more information, please see and https://reclaimingsherpa.wordpre...
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
Gerry Giacoman ColyerMakerHiring@ggiaco · Siftery / Make the world a smaller place
@jeremiahlee Thanks for surfacing this! Because of recent comments such as yours, and doing our own research on the Sherpa people, we've been reviewing name and branding options that are likely to be rolled out this year. We regret any unintended harm and take this issue very seriously.
Jeremiah Lee
Jeremiah Lee@jeremiahlee
@ggiaco Best response ever!
Adrian Rubin
Adrian Rubin@adrianrubin1 · Real Estate Developer
I love it, anything to make health more efficient and easier is a great deal