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Hacker News for health πŸ”¬

The ultimate goal of Health News is to create an intelligent and high quality discourse on human health. Let's do it together 🧠
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Hey PH! I've been working on HN, that is Health News of course πŸ˜‰, with couple of friends because we wanted such community ourselves; a place for intelligent discourse on recent (or past) developments in human health. The community there is still small but now open for anyone interested in a high quality discussion on health news, research and practices. You’re very welcome to participate with the topics that you find interesting or just consume the quality knowledge/content being created. I'm looking forward your feedback or questions to make this better together. πŸ’ͺ
Nice! any plans for public APIs?
@federicocattaneo does 10-14 days sound like a good plan? :)
@federicocattaneo will let you know then. looking forward to see what you're going to build!
@federicocattaneo @yazijys please let me know as well!

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Simple, clean and straightforward! I liked how recent the topics are


Some topics may be difficult for non-scientists.