Health Guide

Medically-backed, approachable health content for patients

Health Guide is Ro’s answer to a growing need for medically-backed, approachable health content for patients. All content is written or reviewed by physicians and easy to understand.
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The team at Ro consistently nails it. Health Guide answers the most googled health questions with well-researched, scientifically backed articles that are actually fun to read. They continue to lead the tele-health industry and that leadership is going to keep forcing everyone else to try to be better, which is better for all of us.
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@alexisohanian thanks for the love, Alexis! We are really excited to bring this resource online.
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looks cool
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@david_green5 Thank you, sir!
@alexisohanian, congrats on the launch 👏 Love the initiative
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@alexisohanian @basheerak appreciate it, Basheera!
Love this! Finally something with well-researched and practical information about a variety of health topics. I’m so happy to have this resource!
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