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Get a complete picture of patient health history

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Hey You need to do something with this page: When I followed the link I saw: "Sorry, an error occurred"
I wonder how many upvotes you missed because of the broken landing link. I would also rethink the mascot design, because there is some confusion with MailChimp.
This is awesome! Would love for something like this to be adopted system or country wide, or better yet across the world. My only concern is that this could theoretically give insurance agencies some extra ammunition to disqualify patients from coverage due to pre-existing conditions that are not technically pre-existing. Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but I have a generally low opinion of standard health care providers.
Idea is great and the site is laid out very well. Nice work!
This looks awesome, it's a problem I've seen governments struggle with over many years to get right, spending hundreds of millions on mismanaged and misguided solutions. Do you foresee needing government buy-in for long term success/viability? Do you imagine it'd be possible, assuming you had interest, to become the government-sactioned standard for patient records in a country like Canada? Hope to see major success here!