Lower stress and increase mindfulness with VR

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Healium is a biometrically-controlled, drugless solution for stress, a $300B profit and people killer. These therapeutic stories packaged in a portable, digital kit allow users to see their feelings heal virtual worlds.
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Taylor Majewski
Taylor MajewskiPro@taylormajewski · Head of News and Social, Product Hunt
Love this. We've been seeing a lot of products launch in the mental health space lately — excited that this trend is extending to VR.
Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill@sarah_stories · CEO StoryUP Studios, makers of Healium
@taylormajewski @taylormajewski Thanks Taylor. It's also AR as well. What's unique about Healium is not just that you can use your wearables to control or "heal" these virtual worlds.... it's that when you buy a Healium kit you also enable Healium for an aging Veteran so they can virtually visit their WWII, Vietnam, or Women's Memorials. The program is called Honor Everywhere. We started it back in the days of Google Glass live streaming tours back to the Veterans who were too frail to travel on Honor Flights. VR made it easier for them to visit and in the process we discovered the tech had a profound impact on their feelings. We currently have 35 Veterans on a waiting list...waiting for VR goggles so they can see their memorials. If anyone has pull with Oculus, we're trying to equip each of the 150 Honor Flight hubs with VR goggles ( Oculus Go is easy for them to use) so other Vets who can't travel to see their memorials in DC can still virtually visit them. This is one Vet's experience with the free program. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/ve...