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Auto track calorie intake, water & emotional state and more.

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Healbe Introduces GoBe 2 The Only Complete ‘Smart Life Band’ Fitness Tracker - the second-generation device is the first targeted at individuals looking to lose weight. Automatically measures Caloric Intake, Body Water Balance and Emotional State Helping Users to Better Manage and Achieve Health Goals. GoBe 2 uses activity and stress sensors and patented Healbe FLOW™ Technology to monitor nine key health parameters – more than any other wearable on the market. Health factors measured include calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled and number of steps per day. GoBe 2 uses Healbe FLOW Technology and an impedance sensor to automatically monitor calorie intake and hydration levels non-invasively – through the skin on users’ wrists. An improved algorithm tracks this data to give users a real look at their numbers over time so that they can manage their eating habits. Other key enhancements include a nine-axis accelerometer that improves tracking of movement over the earlier three-axis model, and the addition of a skin galvanic response sensor to the encoder to better monitor stress levels and emotional state in the real-time. Allowing users to easily monitor and track the relationship between their lifestyle, behavior and physical conditions, GoBe 2 securely sends all tracked data to smartphones and portable devices via Bluetooth LE for viewing on their Healbe GoBe apps (iOS and Android) or Healbe GoBe website accounts. GoBe 2 is water-resistant for most daily activities including swimming (except in saltwater), showering and bathing and works for up to 48 hours per charge (via an included USB cable and charger dock). GoBe 2 will be launched on the market just after Product Hunt campaign. It will be available at select national retailers in the U.S. and China, as well as online from Amazon.com, BestBuy.com and from Healbe.
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I loved the concept for this product, but it remains to be seen if the v2 actually works. from what I've seen of reviews, the v1 never actually worked. average 2.7/5 stars on amazon, and many of the reviews saying that the 5* reviews are fake: http://amazon.com/Healbe-Corp-Ca... https://nonprofitquarterly.org/2...
@_jacksmith Jack, Thanks for your comment. We admit that our first-generation device had several technical and design issues. We took our customers’ feedback into account to improve the device’s interface and performance by adding more sensors and designing a comprehensive approach to data measurement. It is a significantly advanced device compared to the first generation. We would appreciate your support!
@sova13 "We would appreciate your support!" - how can I be supportive? I haven't tried the product, but love the concept. I am very into quantified self and being able to track calorie intake is the holy grail, so I wish you the best of luck with the reception for v2
@_jacksmith If you give GoBe 2 a chance and try it - it would be the best support! =) thank you
@sova13 how can I "try it" if it's not shipping yet and you're currently just taking pre-orders? I only have your word to go on than the v2 works. the only way that I'd envisage being able to try it is to order it once it's shipping, provided there's a return policy that I can return it if it doesn't work properly
@_jacksmith Sure thing! You are right there is no other way to prove it works but to test it. The first product hunters who order the GoBe 2 will receive it within one month. In addition, we are also providing all our customers a 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty on all new GoBe 2 devices.
This is super awesome, would love to try it. However, quick question: would it and if so, how would it work for people with diabetes who rely on insulin injections to regulate their glucose levels?
@lecanardmalade Thank you for your comment! GoBe 2 is not a medical device and does not measure glucose or insulin levels. The GoBe 2 is designed to help users better manage and achieve their health and weight loss goals by tracking nine key health parameters including calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled and number of steps per day.
@sova13 Can you confirm that big deviations in glucose levels won't have a negative impact on the measurements of the device?
@tim_vermeulen It depends on the nature of the deviations. If you are generally healthy and consume something with high fat or sugar content, i.e. a doughnut or soda, the device’s Healbe FLOW™ technology will recognize this. However, if you are diabetic or have other physical health issues, it could have an effect on the device’s measurements.
@sova13 T1 Diabetic here, bummer 😕 If your technology relies on glucose levels, then couldn't it be used to non-invasively monitor those levels?
@tim_vermeulen @sova13 In theory, it's possible.
I heard that the first version had reliability issues. If this one’s better — great, this looks really science-y to me, cause most of the trackers look very good on the screen but aren’t performing that great in real life. You know, caloric intake and water balance sound like really cool features so I can stop writing down my food and water consumption every now and then. So, how does this new GoBe stack up against, say, what Fitbit’s offering now?
@antonoutkine Anton, unlike the others fitness trackers, like Fitbit you’ve mentioned, which can only measure calories burned, sleep cycle, heart rate and distance walked, GoBe 2 on the other hand provides you with a comprehensive picture of your health by automatic measuring all of above-mentioned parameters but also calorie intake, energy balance, stress and emotional tension and water balance. So it combines the functionality of several devices and apps in one!
the GoBe 1 had a successful Indiegogo campaign, but many customers were very unhappy with the product. What have you done differently this time? This product sounds too good to be true, and just your word that it works isn't enough to actually convince me.
@tim_vermeulen Tim, yes, there were some issues with the first GoBe version. Actually, we did our homework well with GoBe 2. We had fixed all issues related to hardware and software like expelled battery-related issues, refined its design and made it lighter and smaller-sized, got rid of pressing the button and confirming meal you ate. Now it is easier to use, we did our best to make it more reliable and viable for sure. You can take your time and wait until first media reviews & users feedback will appear.