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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 16, 2016

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Hello hunters! This is super exciting, after a few weeks of squashing bugs and finishing up features, we've decided to officially launch Headway on Product Hunt. Some background on why Headway came to be. Many months ago, it was a typical day at the startup I co-founded, was doing some analysis, and digging through some customer feedback. I could see there was a recurring question or even doubts in the head of our users "is your app was even worked on" – this was a pretty surprising thing to see since we've tweeted about changes added blog posts. And hell yes, we've worked on it, ALL THE TIME – how dare you think otherwise! It came to me that there has to be a better way to inform users about changes, every change, not only big features. Because as it turns out, every change counts, every piece of info that you can share with your user-base, you should. I figured a public changelog page would be a good idea, but that only solves half of the problem, what about the people who use your app but don't necessarily want to browse through some navigation to find the changelog page. That's when the idea of an embeddable widget came. There are so many companies, startups, even small apps that don't communicate about smaller changes (the ones that you add daily, or weekly), only focusing on a big blog post about the new amazing feature they've been working for the past year. And that's exactly where Headway comes in, it's your public changelog page, and it's your embeddable widget.
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@oskar Great product. One important thing that is missing is styling already read messages. A user now has no way to figure out which ones are being read and which ones are not. I see it uses `data-read` attribute, but it would be nice to have a way to style it with custom CSS or if at least by default read items had different style (e.g. grayed out)
@restuta Thanks! Absolutely agree, adding an unread indicator is top ticket on our list. We won't provide a way to style it with custom CSS but there will be an indication.
@oskar That's great that you're planning to distinguish read messages from unread ones. Another thing that would be great is if you could mark all messages as read either as an option when opening the menu or by clicking a link that says "Mark all as read". If you look at the way Facebook or even Product Hunt works, that is probably the least clunky way - it clears the unread counter as soon as you've opened the menu. You don't have to click on each item to clear it. Anyway, great work! We're thinking of using it for Resource Guru :)
@oskar Hi Oskar, it's been a while and I see other features landed, but not this one. Is it reasonable to expect this one sometime next month?
@restuta It is reasonable, yes.
Just added Headway to Gmelius website https://gmelius.com. Really nice, especially the CNAME support! A few suggestions: + Implement simple ways to customize the look of the changelog pages, especially the header (e.g. logo of the company and link to the homepage). + Support multiple products. Say you have 2 different products but one company, would be great to have categories/tags/sections to differentiate between them.
@gmeliustm Thanks a lot! For now you can change the color accent on the public changelog page to match your branding better. But, we absolutely want to give the ability to upload a company logo. This will be added really soon. Adding a +1 to the sub-accounts request. Gmelius looks like a great app!
ok. this is solid. it should definitely exist. serves a use-case like readme.io
Been using Headway and think it's really great. Love the design, and it's super simple.
@jarrattisted Music to my ears! Thanks!
Super awesome! Some feature requests: custom static message in widget (for example ad about pro subscription), custom tags for posts, links to Twitter/Facebook in widget.
@exentrich Thanks man! So a static message would be a pinned one so it's always somewhere at the top? Custom labels are being worked on, definitely something we'll have. For now you can kind of work around it, and substitute text in labels (in the widget) with the provided one, more on this in the docs: https://headway.gitbooks.io/docs...
@oskar I prefer this text in the bottom, so it must look different than change log posts. Btw I really like the idea of Headway, it's definitely what I am looking for.
@exentrich Interesting, I'll put this on our list, this might get in handy for some users. Thanks for the idea Rustem!