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HeadTalker was created by my partner Chris and I. We had one of the largest campaigns on Thunderclap ever landing us on the home page. We used one of our largest social media accounts to add support to every campaign on Thunderclap because we loved the concept so much and it was a great way to get support back. Thunderclap then banned our account with no warning and restricted us from using their platform and that is when HeadTalker was born. Many of their creators were upset and actually created some of the first HeadTalkers ever. They recently took us off of their Home Page too. HeadTalker is a way for you to use the power of the crowd to share what matters to you. It is similar to crowdfunding but instead of contributing money, people contribute their social media voice. Once your HeadTalker is successful, your message and link are shared by all of your supporters automatically on their personal social media accounts at the same time and date of your choice. It's like an organized social media blast! As of now we are completely bootstrapped. We have had over 2000 HeadTalkers published and our platform has had a total social reach of near 1.2 billion. We are working everyday to make the site better and introduce it to new people to help them share their message on social media without having to spend money. We just launched a market place where people can buy and sell social reach for their HeadTalker. There is over 12,000,000 social reach in the Market Place that can be purchased to help boost your HeadTalker and we are accepting applications from people who want to sell their social media support. In the future we hope to have helped millions of people share their messages around the world. We're always open to hearing about how your experience is on HeadTalker and suggestions on how we can make it better.
@mrnolanthompson this looks really cool!
@webhat Thank you! Oplerno is very interesting too. I am also doing my college classes online at night so imagine the courses to be kind of similar to what I am doing now.
@mrnolanthompson love the hustle! If ya can't join em... BEAT EM! ;)
Free service. Like Kickstarter for social media campaigns. It helps you get everyone to publish their tweets at the same time for maximum reach + viral-ness. Better implemented Thunderclap (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...).
HeadTalker rocks, I've been using it for months! An easy way to get mass social promotion for whatever cause you have.
Thank you! We are glad you like it. :) @im_kane
Wow this sounds like one of those 1/1m products that could really change things. 😍 You have my vote 👍
@zer0mike Thank you! That really means a lot to us! We think so too :)
How do you measure social reach?
Hey @ryanmac ! The total social reach is calculated by adding up the total amount of friends/followers of all the supporters. So someone with 10,000 twitter followers has a reach of 10,000.
@chrislabonty Do you de-duplicate the same followers under different accounts? E.g., we both are followed by @rrhoover and post a HeadTalker, is that a social reach of 2 or 1?
Hey @timdorr ! That is a good question. It would be a social reach of 2 and he would see it twice if he is on his feed.