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StéphaneMaker@stephanelsmith · CEO, Integrated Bionics
Maker here! More info: The HeadsUp system is a coaching and training tool for competitive athletes and teams. The idea here is to enable coaches to plan and execute sports training regimens. It's about the strategy of training and the science of winning more. On field, the sensor measures athlete exertion to the sub-second acceleration zone. Combining this training history with biomathematical models, we predict fitness, fatigue, burnout, and performance potential throughout the season! The sensor also tracks all head hits big and small. It's a pitch count for your head. And, the sensor has a 6 month battery life. No on/off button! The goal is to make sports sensors and analytics simple and accessible for coaches at all levels. Right now, we are focused on women's soccer, of course, this is coming out for all sports soon. What do you think? Love to hear from you! Help us spread the word!
Michael Sitver
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
@stephanelsmith I love the idea of a small concussion-tracking device. So many concussions go unnoticed, and it's dangerous! To me, all the other features are just gravy. Nice work.
d. nye yarrington
d. nye yarrington@yarri · founder, moflo.me
How refreshing to see the focus on women athletes! What age groups are you targeting, and any plans for a wireless sensor? Interesting to see the IOT / Quantified Self technologies being applied to team sports, a growing trend, I think. What other companies, partners or competitors do you see leading this market? Thanks!
StéphaneMaker@stephanelsmith · CEO, Integrated Bionics
Targeting youth, highschool, college, and soon pro. Definitely plans for wireless sensor! The QS was very much part of the inspiration behind what we are doing today (was very active in the QS scene in Houston). There are certainly a growing number of players in this space, we are excited to be participants in a growing and hot area!
Rebecca@_rsamuelson · Senior BI Engineer
@stephanelsmith if you need beta testers, my women's tackle football team would love to test it out!