Heads Down 👩‍💻

Auto-enable "Do not disturb" while coding or designing.

Heads Down detects your application of choice and automatically enables macOS's "Do Not Disturb" feature. It supports apps like VS Code, Figma, IntelliJ etc.
👉 Run in the background and let it manage DnD for you 👈
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Hi 👋, I built HeadsDown to solve a personal problem of ongoing distractions with each Slack or iMessage. MacOS’s "Do Not Disturb" is a great feature but at times, I forget to enable it. HeadsDown simply detects the current app in focus and matches against an app list to automatically enable MacOS’s DnD. I have been using it for a month now, and it works pretty well. It’s also my first Mac app. It’s worth noting that it uses MacOS’s private API to toggle DnD, and I can’t distribute it via the App Store, which is why I made the code Open Sourced. The app is signed by Apple though! Feel free to poke around: https://github.com/utsengar/Head... 🚀 If your favorite app is missing in HeadsDown, submit this form and and I will add it! https://forms.gle/dvrqi7tQbahGeshk6 - Utkarsh
@utsengar Awesome job and solves a real problem with how DnD works. There is some automation today for DnD for phones (e.g. driving, sleeping, etc.). I love how your taking that idea and applying it to work!
This is really cool! Will there be a way for me to custom add softwares I use frequently to enable this mode automatically?
@shuchi_saxena Hey! Add your app here and I will add it in the next release. https://forms.gle/dvrqi7tQbahGeshk6
@shuchi_saxena @utsengar Cool idea. But you should let the user choose for which app "Do not disturb" is activated. There are not only coding apps, but also image editing, remote tool for home office and so on...
@marcelismus thanks for the feedback! I didn’t realize so many would be interested in using this. I’m working on showing dynamic list of app which you have currently installed as we speak. https://github.com/utsengar/Head... Please share your email here and I will send you an updated version when it’s ready. https://forms.gle/dvrqi7tQbahGeshk6
@shuchi_saxena @marcelismus Hi both, I have updated HeadsDown with dynamic app addition, please give it a spin and let me know if it works. Download here: 👉 https://thearea42.com/headsdown/
@utsengar Thanks! It works perfectly! Loving this app.
what does the enable / disable option do? Isn't the focus / unfocus option enough to turn on / off the feature ?
@sagarvikani7 The idea was: 1. Enable/Disable: You can entirely disable HeadsDown in taking over your DND, 2. Focus/Unfocus: That's just a shortcut to force enable DnD, something I added later as I saw I was using HeadsDown more to toggle Dnd. But that's great feedback, thanks! A couple of other users reported the same confusion, so I am dropping Focus/Unfocus for now.
Hey, this is a nice idea. I often find myself just manually closing apps when I need to focus, automating this process could save some headspace for focusing. Too bad it is for mac only, do you maybe plan for other OS too?
@aron_gida Thanks for the feedback, I have added it to my backlog. If there is enough demand, I will surely get a windows/linux app done too.