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Hey guys, excited to be here on PH! Thanks for the love @kwdinc We have built the best way for travelers to experience a new city on-demand in 3 simple taps. Some key things that I would like to share with the community at large: 1. Almost all local experiences are bought in the 0-24 hour window when folks are already in the destination (unlike flights/hotels/packages). The existing online aggregators simply do not have available inventory during this period to be able to sell due to lack of live connectivity with the supplier. 2. Our pricing is better across the board as we get exclusive deals to move unsold inventory as quickly as possible. 3. The entire experience on Tourlandish from discovery to payment to mobile vouchers is 3x faster so you spend less time on the app and more time enjoying the place. Would love to hear your thoughts. Hit me up at varun@tourlandish.com. Cheers!
@varunkhona super cool idea. Love this.
@davemorin thanks for the love!
Great concept! Going through the initial flow, one of the first questions that struck me was, "These things look interesting. What do other people have to say?" I couldn't immediately find a review section — it seems unfortunate to leave the app and check out reviews elsewhere. Could be cool to integrate the Yelp API in the short term.
@extremelyn Hey! Thanks for checking out the app. I completely agree, reviews is a big part of the discovery puzzle. We have done a static implementation of Tripadvisor reviews for selected experiences for now. The API integration is right up on the priority list. Appreciate you letting us know :)
@varunkhona Awesome, I'm excited to see how it evolves! Reviews are the only missing piece — everything else seems well considered, and easy to use. Best of luck!
@extremelyn Thanks a bunch!
Book the best 'things to do' at the last minute with exclusive deals . Currently available only for NYC! In the same space as the apps below but last minute deals like Hotel Tonight! Zozi Peek Vayable Getyourguide Viator Sidetour Zerve Regiondo
Love the founding team! Travel is going to get disrupted soon :)
@subodhkolhe Thanks dude. Hope there was a like button. :)
That's cool - if it was in SF I'd give it a go
@ChuckReynolds We should get there soon! :)