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The landing page is leaves me puzzled. Only after reading @hnshah's comment, did I kind of understand what this does. I love the concept but I wish the site would show me what it does.
@hnshah @rrhoover Noted. Awesome feedback. Thanks!
@hnshah @rrhoover @tmbexp smart to see you have updated the landing page with Hiten's thoughts on the product :)
@hnshah @rrhoover @blendahtom Thanks for the feedback Ryan. We just added this: http://www.perivia.com/tell-me-more Thoughts on that being the homepage?
Big fan of @tmbexp .. Hopefully he can come in and chat about this product :) p.s. this article is one of my favs -> http://www.tmbexp.com/analytics-...
@blendahtom Wow! I completely missed this! Thanks for the love Tom. Yeah, I'm always surprised at how much that article resonates with people. Analytics, MVP's, and CSV's... sometimes it really is that simple! Thanks again for the shout out!
Impressive list of services. Do you plan to allow adding custom ones, through api, integrations or something? About the non informative enough home page, one good candidate to fill it would be an example mail, it's a bit sad to have to wait up to 7 days to see what it will look like :)
@oelmekki Would love to chat more about that (re: custom integrations) Also, you might find this page interesting now: http://www.perivia.com/tell-me-more Based on y'alls feedback. Hopefully that'll provide a better overview of the service.
@tmbexp Sure, feel free to contact me at oem@lecollectionist.com . We have implemented a custom weekly digest to measure our performances (mimicking basecamp digests), so I have quite a clear idea of how data could be provided already :) And well done for the new about page, quite clear, now ;)
This product automatically sends a weekly email to your entire company which includes updates from various departments based on the services you use such as Zendesk and Github. A much needed service that makes sure every one in your company always knows what happened each week.
@hnshah sounds interesting now you've explained this, just looking at the website doesn't do much tbh. @tmbexpwhat's the reason for this? :)
@hnshah @bramk Hi Bram! The magic is in what you don't see. I think we have too many dashboards and index pages as is. We need answers and insights delivered directly to us, and we shouldn't require people to do extra digging. This is very much an "invisible app." Sign up once, connect the services where the important stuff happens, then the software does all the heavy lifting to aggregate, collect, and notify everyone of all the important stuff each week. The product was intended to have a minimal set up. There's a reason you're "hiring" this. You need to know all the highlights and important things that are happening from everywhere in your company, so the last thing we want to give you is another dashboard to dig through. Great question Bram. Thanks :)
How do I turn it off without revoking access via my Google Account? Scary to see this immediately after connecting: "Welcome to your Company's HEADLINES Where each Friday at around 8:00am Pacific Time (US & Canada) Everyone at your company, will get an update about the awesomeness that happened this week based on your services:"
@ecwilson Hey Eric! It actually doesn't send updates until you connect your services. So if you don't connect anything, it's in an "off" state. We can make that more clear in the sign up flow. Any other feedback?
@tmbexp Agree with Eric's comment. Also, it would be nice to let me only send to myself. Right now, it just says that my employee list will be loaded before the email gets sent out to Everyone, which doesn't let me see/test it before rolling it out widely.
@nafisto Hey Nafis! That's something we're working on now, a way to "preview" last week's Headlines, then add the whole company when you're ready. Definitely on the roadmap. In the meantime, we just pushed a small update that'll show you an example of what you can expect each week (based on a few example services). You'll see the "What can I expect each week?" link now after visiting your account.