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It's great to be here, thanks @jacqvon for featuring us.
Looks interesting but I wonder how they deal with the bad news...
@bentossell thanks for the great question. A lot of our users make funny news videos. But we also have a lot of coverage by people who you want to watch because they are smart, insightful, have expertise in a relevant area, are passionate, or are on-the-ground. All of that makes for a highly engaging user video without being funny, and is an appropriate and highly powerful way of consuming a more serious - and even sad - news story.
@linistern awesome :) So what is the story behind Headliner? What would you like from the Product Hunt community?
@bentossell we started Headliner as a faster, smarter, and more interesting way to consume news. We thought broadcast was ready for an update. We get most news in snackable, bite-sized video clips, and found traditional news broadcast way behind. SO, we decided to create a mechanism for surfacing talented people to broadcast through mobile video. The way we consume content today is social and organic, and we want to inject that into traditional news broadcast. It's social and customized, because you can interact with broadcasters and follow who you like. The product hunt community is an amazing hotbed of people who think outside the box and can help us reimagine the news broadcast. From the community, we'd love early adopters to check out the platform and let us know what you think.
@linistern Awesome! How are people monitored before they can give the news (if they are at all)?
@bentossell Hi Ben, great question again! Our Featured Feed is the place where you can go to get a comprehensive, high-quality experience. The users featured there have been determined by the community and us to be good at what they do – they convey informative headlines in an entertaining way. Our philosophy is that there are a lot of talented people out there – people who might be the next late-night host, SportsCenter host, entertainment TV host, political talking head -- who would be really enjoyable sources of news. For that reason, we are not limiting content creation to a set roster of people, but are keeping the platform open for anyone to prove themselves. Anyone can post a video clip and it goes into our category feeds (e.g. politics, news, world, sports, entertainment, lifestyle). From there, it can be viewed, shared, and the user can be followed, and if this happens enough, the user will come to our attention and may be featured.
@j_nimrodi Super important question - thanks for asking. We’re discovering talent all the time, and keep it totally open to anyone. With the built-in camera on the app, anyone can film a video delivering a headline. Our algo takes into account views, shares, followers, and some other factors (and some soon-to-come factors like comments and likes) and bumps those into the Featured Feed. So if you are not at all famous, but are interesting, smart, funny, or even just passionate, you can grow a real following.
Hi Caroline - great stuff. Would you please share some information on how you decide who can post videos, and when? Can anyone become a news caster?
@linistern Any plans for an android version?
@littlejazzhands it's in the works.
@linistern Right on! Look forward to seeing it soon.