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Hello folks I'm a Android , iOS Developer & UI/UX Designer. I work as a Front-end Developer & Designer for many companies. Headline is a personal project for News & Information lovers. I have generally seen tons of News apps on Play Store of which Google News stand I consider the best which aggregates news from all sources, and many other Individual news apps like BBC, NDTV, Flipboard etc. But still Most if not all the Apps aggregate news and give it to the users upfront. What if the User decides for him/her self to decide on what to read from an entire Stack of all top news sources i.e, More than 66+ news platforms including ... BBC, National Geography, ABC, Bloomberg, Business Insider, ESPN, CNN, MTV, The LAD bible, Mashable, IGN, Fox Sports ........................etc..... and from all different categories to choose from, Technology, Sport, Current, Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Music, Science & Nature, General, Election, Weather, Stock........ etc... Headline App is completely built on Android Material Design and is in initial Stages of its growth, The App is planned evolve on User Suggestions, Use the App the and let me know what's good and bad in it , and also what all can be included or removed to improvise it for the best experience. App Available on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/ap... Amazon App Store https://amzn.com/B01MA616H1 Reach me at Gmail: deepak.kadarivel@gmail.com headline.droid@gmail.com facebook deepak.kadarivel product hunt @deepak_kadarivel twitter @DeepakKadarivel