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The Headhunter App is fixing job search and making it about PEOPLE and not PAPER. Our mobile technology brings transparency and personalization to the first step of recruiting using on-demand video job previews and resumes. FREE DOWNLOAD!
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Brent Skipper
Husband, Father, Founder, CEO
People over paper! Tell me about your worst job search experience. Looking for a job was painful/expensive and filling a position was just as bad. We've all had the interviews where in the first 30 seconds we KNOW it's not a good fit (not matter what side of the table we are on). This costs both parties a lot of money. Text-based documents are a waste and nobody trusts them anyway. Video interviews take a long time to arrange and still don't give REAL insight to the workplace for the job seeker. The very first step of job search should be personal, transparent and authentic. Instead, it is a numbers game. We see witty job descriptions that we don't even read, and employers get applications and resumes scanned by a robot for "proper keywords and formatting" before a human even glances at it. Technology can do better without reducing people to binary. Headhunter is humanizing the hiring process and putting the focus on culture fit, diversity, and soft skills. These are what matter most to BOTH sides of the table. Employers can cut hiring costs up to 50%... over 20+ hours saved per hire. Easy to try with any ATS. Always free for job seekers. PH and startups get 90 day free trials.