Generate an online color palette from an image

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HDRainbow is a fast, free and secure online color palette generator from images. Your images are never sent to a server, they are processed inside your browser window.



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Sebastian Crossa@sebastiancrossa · Creator and designer
Pretty solid project, used it a couple of times and have enjoyed it! Only thing I would look more into is the branding, doesn't seem like the best.
KrishnaMaker@prakis · Founder, Tealpod.com
@sebastiancrossa Thank you for the kind words. My skills at marketing are basic, could you please help me understand what you mean by branding?
Sebastian Crossa@sebastiancrossa · Creator and designer
@prakis Absolutely! Branding includes how you work with the overall image of the product, including the logo, artwork, etc. Would recommend getting in touch with a designer, I'm sure you can get a pretty awesome logo done for a cheap price :)
KrishnaMaker@prakis · Founder, Tealpod.com
@sebastiancrossa I hired a designer to improvise my logo. I will update you once I receive her work. Thank you very much for your time.
Sebastian Crossa@sebastiancrossa · Creator and designer
@prakis Awesome! Will be waiting :)
KrishnaMaker@prakis · Founder, Tealpod.com
@sebastiancrossa The work from the designer I hired doesn't look exciting. Would you mind to sharing your contact so I can share designers work and get your opinion? Thank you
Carlos Herrera@carlosherrera · Software Engineer, Epicor Software
It is very fast indeed. I'm impressed. Cool project!
KrishnaMaker@prakis · Founder, Tealpod.com
@carlosherrera Thank you.
Ashley Pearson@theashtube
Doesn't work on mobile. Was interested to see how you handled image uploads on mobile.
KrishnaMaker@prakis · Founder, Tealpod.com
@theashtube Thank you for trying HDRainbow. I am working on the mobile issue right now.
KrishnaMaker@prakis · Founder, Tealpod.com
@theashtube Hi Ashley, I just added limited mobile support (limited because mobile browsers are restricted for safety reasons).