HD Connect

1-click access to accurate B2B info

HD Connect works on LinkedIn and allows you to uncover best contact info of your prospect when you're on their LinkedIn profile. This includes emails (Business and Personal) + Phone Numbers + Social Media Handles and more.

HD Connect also uncovers key firmographic info about your prospect's company by simply visiting their website.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
damini gandhiDigital Marketing
I am using this for quite some time and it really helps me and my team get the qualified lead for sales.
Mahek ShahFounder, AirB.in, SwachhBharatApp

Ideal product for Sales executives/Marketers and HR/employers. Background verification and knowing more about your customers always helps you close the deal faster.


Easy user interface, Simple credit system - pay as per need


Batch processing not available

Simple, helpful, easy tool to get the online information. It's fast and reliable as well.
Samrat Krishna
CEO @ Hyperdata
Hello Makers, super excited to share HD Connect with all of you. In a B2B setting the biggest superpower that you can have is ACCESS. Access to right people and right info at the right time. Our success depends on it, whether you're a sales person looking to close your next deal, or a recruiter trying to get in touch with the talent or you're a maker looking to hunt for your early adopters. HD Connect is a simple chrome extension built by Hyperdata.IO that promises you a simple but powerful promise -- Access to key contact info of your prospects in a single click. That's it. This includes Phone Numbers, Business Email, Personal Email, and Social media handles. Fun, no? Unlike it's competitors, HD Connect doesn't spend its energies on 'guessing' the emails. It just fetches the accurate contact info, thanks to its massive network of public sources and key partnerships. You'll be kicked off with free credits to begin with -- Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Psst, If you want some extra credits hit me on twitter @atsamrat and I'll fix you up (because we love you for trying us out ๐Ÿ˜„)
Sounds pretty cool. How is the email verified?