Too many windows open to manage? Big display? Or sometimes getting lost in multiple monitors? This app is for you!

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Am I the only one who full-screens every window, every time?
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@jfeldstein I'm curious if you use SizeUp or a different app to make fullscreen / window management easier.
@jfeldstein personally I prefer to maximize windows instead of full screen. I have Dock to the left, always at hand that way. I feel uncomfortable when I don't see the Dock. I wonder if there's a name for that.
@jfeldstein I had the same thought. I use full screen as well. But there is always room for options - different people like different things.
@jfeldstein I used to. But with the Retina MBP, I'm able to run a bigger desktop (1920x1200 on my 15") which makes running full-screen app a waste of space.
I didn't know I needed this til I downloaded it! HazeOver runs in the background and adds a translucent dark screen behind a window you’re using at the moment. When you switch to a different window, HazeOver automatically fades the previously used window. You can select between instant switch or a smooth animation. The application is energy-efficient and unobtrusive. Well done @pointum!
@bramk ditto! I would never have thought that this would be useful until I tried it. Wow it's fantastic. The only question is how long until Apple co-opts this feature?
@arlogilbert @bramk agree with the "I didn't know I needed this til I downloaded it!" Just can't leave without this app.
Looks like an idea that's been around for a while... nice to see it updated. There are several free competitors: Doodim, Hocus Focus, Backdrop, and Isolator.
@chrismessina Yup. HazeOver is definitely not a lone warrior in the noble battle with distractions. This might be a good place to tell a bit of the story behind HazeOver. Sit back. It was year 2007. I first got the idea for the app and the name back when I was developing apps for Windows. Here's the very first page of the Great Book of HazeOver story: Eventually the idea got shelved and I switched to developing Mac software instead. Few years down the road, when I gained enough experience and free time, HazeOver for Mac was finally brought into this world in 2011. It had had it's 15 minutes of glory on only to be completely forgotten a few short months later for the lack of any promotion and incentive. Fast forward to 2015. HazeOver is revived out of curiosity. And I'm happy it has pleased the product hunters.
A slick app that helps with my productivity. Nice one! Also, a cool demo video....
@paul_s_kemp thank you. It took a dozen takes to make this video as close to being in sync with the music as I could.
I generally full-screen apps but I use HazeOver as a visual cue as to which monitor I'm focusing on. Really great app!