Automated organization for your Mac

#5 Product of the WeekNovember 01, 2014
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i've been using maid (https://github.com/benjaminoakes...) which is like the open source hacker version of this. Didn't realize until I saw this that they were related. Installing now, looks way easier to use.
@mscccc I also use Maid, really prefer it because I can save my config files.
@mscccc We have just launched our app called declutter, which automatically organises the files in desktop using smart folders. We can configure the folders using different file extensions or names.https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
I am really obsessed with this app. Been using it for a few months now and it has totally automated tedious file organization tasks. Working on a tutorial to show y'all how I use it ;)
@juliaroy I'd be curious for a use case. Whereas my files are sometimes unorganized, setting up rules seems more tedious than spending an hour hitting delete.
@juliaroy Julia, I think that would be great - please keep us posted when you do post a tutorial. Often, seeing it from a user end as opposed to a company's video is more insightful in seeing specific use-cases.
This fell off my radar completely. Great tool if you take the time to setup all the rules.
My downloads folder gets way over grown with PSD files and source code and just takes up so much space. I manually go in and copy my downloads over to my external, so this app is PERFECT for automating that task. Instant purchase for me.
Love Hazel, I use it alongside FileThis to download all my monthly bills, then categorize/archive by bill > year > month. Also due to doing support for Airmail, I get a TON of screenshots in my download folder, I have Hazel remove all screenshots downloaded via our support channel every 5 minutes.