Hazel 4.0

The new and improved file automator for the Mac

#3 Product of the DayMay 04, 2016
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1 Review5.0/5
Big update of one of the best utility apps on the Mac. Hazel is my number one app when it comes to file automation. It can do stuff no other Mac app can do. File docs in special folders when added to certain folders, but only when added today and when the file extension is jpg or docx: that kinda stuff. Absolutely brilliant.
@t55 Upgraded, but failing to see what's big about the upgrade other than an increment to the major version number so Noodlesoft can charge an upgrade fee. Must review the change log again. :-) I'm guessing rule previews are the big new thing. I'll need some time to decide how useful they are.
@t55 We have just launched our app called declutter, which automatically organises the files in desktop using smart folders. We can configure the folders using different file extensions or names.https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
This is one of the few apps that I always pay to upgrade. It's, hands down, the best Mac utility out there, so much of my day to day workflow actually isn't workflow any more, Hazel just does it for me. No Mac should be without it.
If I had one complaint, it would be that Noodlesoft makes it far too difficult to upgrade. They obviously have a database of existing customers, because they email me about the upgrade, yet, when I try to upgrade, I have to find the original licence file and upload it to confirm eligibility. Now, where the heck did I put that file.
@frassmith You don't happen to have 1Password, do you? Found my license file in a sec :) Unfortunately the license file wasn't accepted in the Store upgrade, so your 'makes it far too difficult to upgrade' remark still holds some truth....
@t55 I do have 1Password, but I don't have my Hazel licence there. Still searching my email for the original purchase confirmation.
@frassmith Don't know where I kept mine orginally, but I added it to 1Password thankfully. Anyway: have you tried https://www.noodlesoft.com/store... ?
@t55 Yay! Gmail is my friend. It was attached to the original email from two years ago. Gmail, best database ever. Anyway, uploaded and purchased. Downloaded, installed, discover that the download is still v3.3.8. #facepalm Hint to Noodlesoft, really, you should be trying to make the upgrade/purchase process as friction free as possible. I'm getting carpet burns here! :-) Will try again tomorrow.
One of my favorite Mac apps, super useful for archiving photography and clearing out Final Cut Pro X caches.
how to uninstall hazel?
@saptak Preferences - Hazel - Info - Uninstall
Hazel kicks @ss.