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I know this company well. To test it out myself, I ordered a bunch of chocolate from the "Fine & Raw" vendor on Haywheel for my office: https://www.haywheel.com/vendor/... I ordered packages of: Bonbon bar, Espresso, Ginger, and Truffle Chunky. It was good, all 4 (large) boxes got eaten within a day or two :)
This is like shopping at Whole Foods but paying at Costco. And getting it delivered. Awesome stuff, team.
@graham_kaemmer I'm not sure about that analogy, as a number of the stores (the store that Dalton linked to for example) has a $200 minimum order; so doesn't have the direct to consumer flexibility of whole foods
It's probably worth noting that this doens't really seem designed for consumers. The post I saw on Techcrunch said they were mainly supplying restaurants, and some of the vendors have large minimum order quantities. e.g. https://www.haywheel.com/vendor/... needs a minimum order of $200 and a minimum order of $350 to get free shipping. It's doubtful that consumers are going to be ordering that much chocolate.