Haystack News

Helping crypto traders maximise profits by planning ahead

Haystack News is a crypto calendar tool created to help traders maximise profit by planning ahead effectively.

The idea stemmed from the adage, "buy the rumor, sell the news", making it easier to do so than before!

The content is created automatically using NLP.

This is currently in the a public beta stage. All feedback welcomed!

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Colin Winhall
Problem solver. nocode.zone.
Hi Producthunters! Today I am launching the beta to a product I've been working on for several months now and put a lot of hours into. I hope it is received well by the community as I realise the only way to grow this product to something successful is with your help! I am looking for all feedback, positive or negative, your opinions really matter to me as this is a long term project that I am eventually hoping to turn in to a business. If you wouldn't use this product, please take a second to tell me why not, or what I could do to improve it enough that would make you more interested. Haystack.news is an AI powered calendar with upcoming news and events related to the crypto industry. Our goal is to help traders maximise profits by helping them to plan ahead. There are currently over 400 entries related to the future and I am building on those numbers at a rapid pace. Roadmap for the coming months: - Auto detection of articles for what coin they may relate to and show icon to quickly show visually what the article is in relation to - Community driven submissions (not just AI) - Analytics and interactions on each article such as views, shares and the ability to comment - Add any article to your personal calendar - Build up more news sources to find more events. (If you have suggestions for good sources, please let me know) - Update design / algorithm based on user feedback! I will answer every question I can, please don't be afraid to ask!
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