The fastest and most secure way to search all your work

Haystack helps you make the most of your time, by searching all your files and documents in the cloud in one place. It's been built for privacy from the ground up, so your data isn't stored on a server, just your computer.

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Hi @ericfriedman, thanks for hunting us! We created Haystack because we wanted a way to search for everything on the cloud without giving up our privacy. Questions like “where that document is”, “which is the latest version” and “what was that website again?” suck up far too much of people’s days (and energy). Privacy was one of our biggest focus, which is why Haystack doesn’t store any of your data in the cloud. Everything is local. We build a search engine on your computer while also getting results directly from your cloud accounts, so you never have to look in more than one place. It’s fast, doesn’t take up much space and makes finding and sharing information really easy. We’ve built Haystack for Engineers (keyboard shortcuts), Designers (beautiful UI) and everyone in between (Searches 20+ tools). In our early testing, it saves people over 20 minutes a day. We’re still adding more and more integrations, so if you have one in mind let us know. We love feedback, so please share it below! Thanks again @ericfriedman - we appreciate the love and if anyone has any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them. Thanks!
I’m really excited to hunt Haystack with you today. Haystack is a chrome extension for anyone that wants to know "where is that file?". I had the pleasure of working with Charles (CEO) while at Expa and excited to share his new service. The great thing about Haystack is that your privacy is protected - no data is stored or accessed by the service (even your logins). If you need to search across cloud platforms in a safe and secure way - checkout Haystack. Charles has been working hard on bringing this to Chrome and is here today to answer questions and chat with folks who try it out - download it now and let us know what you think!

Ultimately it is ridiculous that I can find a random fact on google faster than I can find a document that I saved yesterday. The way we nest files for organization directly impacts the speed at which we can recover them. Haystack is like having the power of a google search across all of your various document storage locations.


Helps me find documents much much faster. It is intuitive and is something that I have wanted for years.


I would like to integrate it across more places and folders.

Thanks for the review Tony! We're working on adding more integrations as well as a Desktop Application version for Mac & PCs so we can also search your documents, desktop and have a universal shortcut key wherever you are currently working.

I had the chance to use a Beta version of this, signup was super-easy, and it all of a sudden works. A solution for dealing with the million different services PMs decide to use (e.g. Google Drive for X, GH for Y, Slack for Z). Most importantly, it manages to not be intrusive, and doesnt store any of your docs on their servers.


super easy to use. One of the few products in a while that feels magical. It "just works".


Would be good to add more services.

Thanks for the review Luke! Definitely working on more services... Watch this space :)

Installing was super quick and it found my documents in a heartbeat. Searching was surprisingly rapid and it already feels feature rich. Can't wait to see how this builds from here.


Quick to set up, powerful and simple


Could add more options for new tab page

Thanks for the review Ronnie! Would love to add more options to our new tab. Are there any in particular that you would like to see? @ronnie_boadi