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Dear product hunters and potential customers, # Introduction I'm Atsushi, the maker of Hayabusabox. I know Hayabusabox is really minimum and simple, yet. But I'd like to realize what potential consumer want through this experiment. Please do not hesitate say something about the service. I'd like to know what you guys feel about this even if it is bad. I'm really looking forward to talking with you. # Why I built 1. To confirm my question in this field. 2. Improve business in other country is always difficult. There are many reasons: language, business practice, document exchange, and more. I focused on document exchange at first. To solve this problem, I built this. # Future plan Nothing, actually. To confirm my question in this field is first priority now. If by force say,,, To offer total service to reach other country market, we start from Japan especially. To connect small/medium business mutually all over the world and would like to make reachable all service existing in the world. P.S. I'm online in Japanese daytime(UTC+9). You can catch me easily in that time. Best regards, Atsushi.
@popcosorn So is this popular? I would of thought companies would scan and email documents if you wanted speed.
@aaran_mcguire @popcosorn No, it's not popular I think. I exactly agree what you saying. But, then why exchanging real document and mail each other doesn't disappear in business field? Sometime need blank time to share the document for the company? This is my question. I have many questions just like this in this field. To confirm this question, I just started this experiment. What do you think, sir?
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