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Hi everybody, I'm Maria from Whitesmith and I would like to share with you more about our latest product - Hawkpost! At Whitesmith, some of our clients, and even some of our team members struggle to be able to share confidential information in a safe way. Some of us know how to encrypt information or use programs to share passwords safely. However, that's not so easy as it looks, adding lots of friction to everyone's work. This was the motto to develop Hawkpost! The concept is simple, you generate a unique link on Hawkpost, then you share it with someone that needs to send you secret information. When that person visits your Hawkpost link and submits the sensitive data, this is encrypted in their browser with the PGP public key you used on signup. The encrypted message is sent by our hawks to your email. This means that we're not able to see the original message, and no message is stored. If you have other ideas join us and help us improve Hawkpost, the project is open-source, meaning you are free to fork and deploy it on your own server. We would also appreciate having your feedback, so don't be shy and comment.