Haven Life Plus

It’s not just easier life insurance, its an easier life.

Haven Life Plus provides policyholders with benefits that help them live healthier, fuller and more protected lives. This innovative rider gives customers access to no-cost or discounted services including an online will provider, a digital safe deposit box, and family health clinic services.

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    A great value add for all Haven Life policyholders



    Haven Life Plus is a true value add for all policyholders. Life moves fast, and to know that they have your back with these additional services is really helpful and gives me and my family peace of mind

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Hi Hunters, I’m excited to share a passion project of our team’s. As a tech-driven life insurance agency, we’ve always felt there was more we could do for people after they buy a term life insurance policy. Something that thanked them for placing their trust in us but also helps enhance the lives of them and their family. And that’s why after years of hard work, we’re excited to unveil Haven Life Plus, a rider that’s included as part of the Haven Term life insurance policy that gives customers access to additional benefits and services, either at no cost or at a discount. The team felt very passionately about which partners and services would be included in the debut of Haven Life Plus. We had some assumptions going into the project, but, ultimately, we looked to our customers to tell us what would bring them the most value. In February 2018, we surveyed Haven Term policyholders to find out what sort of benefits would appeal most to them. Eighty-three percent said they would use a free online will service if it were made available to them and 66% are interested in a digital vault for storing important documents. With that in mind, we identified a group of mission-aligned partners to help address those customer needs. We’re excited for the industry-changing effect we know it’ll have. Looking forward to reading your thoughts, questions and feedback. - Yaron P.S. Haven Life, nor the policy issuer MassMutual, receive any data or personally identifiable information from the Plus partners.