Haven Life API for Term Life Insurance

Help your users financially protect their loved ones

Haven Life is an online life insurance agency committed to making buying term life insurance actually simple. Our API can be integrated into your site or app in a few minutes by entering a few lines of code and embedding an optimized quote tool. For those seeking a customized integration, the REST API allows for more flexibility in user experience.

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Hi everyone, I’m excited to share that we are opening up the Haven Life API to companies who would like to offer access to term life insurance within their site experience. Our team has dedicated several years of hard work to building an industry-leading technology stack that supports a nationally available, fully digital term life insurance application process. All policies are issued by our parent company Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) - a leading life insurance company. Since our experience redesign (and official debut on Product Hunt) less than one year ago, we have been testing out ways to bring this innovation to partners who are interested in helping their users access an easy way to apply for and secure life insurance coverage. With the Haven Life API, users can get a personalized quote for coverage without leaving the partner’s web property. Then, they are seamlessly connected to Haven Life’s online application process. If approved, coverage can start that day. We have been piloting the API with a few partners, and our internal data shows that users who start the application from the API have a 614% higher conversion rate than those who do not. Let us know if you have any questions! - Yaron
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We've built an integration on Haven's API. If you're looking for a Life Insurance API that's RESTFUL, JSON, and as simple as a 2 line CURL request. Say no more.... 😎👍
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good product
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What are the benefits for would-be partners who are considering embedding the sign up tool?
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@patrick_udeh Hi Patrick, thanks for your question. At Haven Life, we sell a competitively priced term life insurance product that’s issued by our parent company, MassMutual — a leading insurance company. We are also a mission-based business that has worked very hard to create a simple, innovative online application process. For those seeking to provide resources for term life insurance on their site, quite frankly, it’s a great option. (Of course, I’m biased.) I lead our customer acquisition efforts, and we have an active affiliate program for interested partners where we offer compensation on a cost per lead basis. I’d be happy to give you more details.
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Hi Heaven Life team, First of all, great product - the Insurtech ecosystem needs more companies like you! Three questions: 1. Does your API support data only integration, i.e. that the interaction (including the GUI) is completely controllable by the partner? 2. Is it possible to complete the entire application process on the partner's property? 3. Isn't there any regulation regarding selling insurance products on non-licensed websites?
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Hi @rahimiyosi, thanks for your questions and sentiment - we appreciate it! I’m Liz -- a developer who worked on this project. #1: The API does support data-only integration and is ultimately customizable by the partner with few limitations. If your product sends the correct parameters to our endpoint, the API will return a term life insurance quote -- it’s that simple. That said, we do monitor partner API usage to ensure that our customers are receiving accurate information and quotes are not adjusted in a way that compromises the integrity of our brand. #2: At this time, the API functions to offer a frictionless way for a user to get a quote for term life insurance and have the data points pulled over into our application process. However, we are looking into ways to add additional functionality to the roadmap, and we are exploring customized solutions for partners. #3: The application and sale will occur on our website, which is licensed. Thanks, Liz
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