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Haven Life Insurance Agency is a life insurance startup that offers a simple online experience for buying high-quality and affordable term life insurance issued by MassMutual. Driven by a mission to make life less hard, we're transforming a typically time-consuming and confusing process into one that's easier, faster and just plain better.

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Karen  Taylor
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    Quick turnaround on my policy and easy to use website.


    For me there were not any.

    Haven Life really does make the process of purchasing a life insurance policy much easier for anyone who is in good health. Having bought life insurance several different times as my family has grown, the ease at which I received a Haven Life policy without having to have a medical exam was significantly better than my previous experiences.

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Yaron Ben-Zvi
Yaron Ben-ZviMaker@yaronbz · CEO, Haven Life
Hi Hunters: I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Haven Life, a startup that’s making life insurance actually simple. Last week, we launched a major site and experience redesign that uses AI to reduce the number of application questions by half and to provide real rates on coverage instead of general quotes. The project took over a year to complete and also included significant advancements to our tech stack, a new approach to UX, and a refreshed brand identity. It was a ton of work, and we’re very excited to share it with you. The idea for Haven Life came out of my own buying experience. I had my first child and needed to purchase a policy. What I encountered was a frustrating, time-consuming process that was riddled with legalese and confusing products. We launched two years ago as the first place to buy medically underwritten term life insurance online. We streamlined some of the most painful aspects of the process - the paper-based application and the several-week underwriting process - into one that can be confidently accomplished online. In some cases, qualified applicants don’t need to take a medical exam. [Keep in mind: issuance of the policy or payment of benefits may depend upon the answers given in the application and the truthfulness thereof.] So, please, give us a try. I’d love to hear what you think and answer any questions you have. Thank you, Yaron Ben-Zvi
Johnny Xu
Johnny Xu@johnnyxu · PM at Ozlo Inc.
Hey @yaronbz, thanks for sharing. It’s great to see companies use friendly design principles to approach tedious and outdated processes. I actually came across your product through a Mixergy podcast on chatbots. I’m curious if you’re seeing a better conversion on the Messenger bot or on the homepage. I’ve tried both and so far I prefer going directly through the website. Personally, the bot feels a bit too chatty and takes longer to get an estimate. Also, I found a couple of launch bugs. What’s the best way to share with your team?
Matthew Myers
Matthew MyersMaker@iammattmyers · Head of Customer Acquisition
@johnnyxu Thanks for reaching out, Johnny. The bot just launched a couple of weeks ago and we're still working out a few bugs. If you want to reach out to me regarding any of the issues you found, that would be great. You can contact me at mmyers@havenlife.com. In the meantime, I'll be trying to get our bot to do a little more listening and a little less chatting.
Erick Barron
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
But I don't want to die 😢
Brittney Burgett
Brittney BurgettMaker@brittneyburgett · Communications, Haven Life
Lex Valishvili
Lex Valishvili@lexvalishvili · UX / UI Designer
Love the idea and the design just makes me happy))
Yaron Ben-Zvi
Yaron Ben-ZviMaker@yaronbz · CEO, Haven Life
@lexvalishvili Thank you for the feedback, Lex. Making people feel happy through the experience is exactly what we are going for.
Josh Day
Josh Day@jdwrites · Cofounder @ wayfx
Given that 'simplicity' is front & center, I actually found the site difficult to use (very busy).