Haven (Gen II)

A smart mailbox for your packages

Missed deliveries and stolen packages suck, our solution doesn't.

Haven (Gen II) is a smart mailbox that receives packages for you. It is solar powered

and 3G connected, removing the need for home wifi or a power outlet. The courier gains access to it by scanning the tracking code on the package using Haven's embedded barcode scanner.

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As someone who has had two packages lost or stolen in the past month, this seems like a no-brainer for me.


Looks so great and the solar-power and 3G connectivity sounds like a really great idea.


Hard to say, as I haven't seen it in person.

Thanks Alistair, we will be releasing a video on how the MailHaven works to all who sign up. Stolen packages suck
I need this!! :)
👋🏾Hey Product Hunters, I am happy to share what we have been working on for the past 20 months with you all. This started as my weekend project while I ran on on demand delivery startup. I noticed we would wait an average of 2-3 minutes for people to come receive their deliveries and that's when I thought "why isn't there a secure receptacle I could leave their delivery in, that would save so much time". But it was not until a missed delivery cost me hundreds of dollars that I decided to research the problem and found out I am not alone. There are about 2 billion missed deliveries that happen in North America and 11 million people reported their packages stolen last year. I recruited a friend an built our first prototype out of wood, a raspberry pi and an off the shelf barcode scanner. You can see it here
Since then we have come a long way; while going through the Highway1 hardware accelerator we piloted the Haven with 6 customers and received over 300 packages. You can view prototype 3 and 4 here
After concluding our initial pilot, we took what we learnt from 4 prototypes to come up with the generation II Haven while attending 500 startups. Though this is not the final version (GEN III) for mass market, it is currently fully functional and we will be installed in the homes of customers in a pilot with UPS in Louisville. Due to high demand we are currently accepting pre-orders for Gen III and will be running another pilot in the Bay Area in the spring of 2018. Happy to answer all your questions!! 😻📦
@zabimaru_ichigo I built a box for packages and put it near my front door so I can hide deliveries; thieves can't see it from the street as they drive by. It's a simple 3-sided box, no lid, and I had to put a sign on it that asks for deliveries to be left in it. The problem with my solution, however, is that not every delivery person uses it -- they don't see it and/or don't read the sign. They're in a hurry, they run up, drop the package, ring/knock, and run away. It's more of an issue with Amazon deliveries -- it's never the same person delivering packages. I do like this solution. It looks sleek and helpful, it's secure... but my question is: how do you plan on "training" delivery people to actually use it?
@mattholsinger Hi Mathew, great question and nice job building your own. During our initial pilot we tested courier interactions and found out that because the Haven is not hidden (it's secure so no need for that) couriers didn't have a hard time finding or using the units. Of the 300+ deliveries received we had a 80% success rate. The least successful couriers were the ones from Amazon just like you mentioned. We tested different signs that told them how to use it until we found one that worked. Also, in order to increase courier use, we have partnered with UPS who are training their drivers to use this during our pilot in December.
For someone who's an avid shopper of things online, been waiting for something like this. Amazing work, congrats @zabimaru_ichigo
@everette Thank you, your package time videos inspire us.
@zambimaru_ichigo this looks cool. I can imagine many people will be interested in the smart functionalities, while organizations will look to partner. How do you envision yourself being organization agnostic? Or if I'm an Amazon-or-bust consumer, can I just get a branded one for my house?
Great question @apompliano. We envision ourselves as being organization agnostic, even though we are partnering with couriers and retailers, we don’t plan to have favorites. Avoiding being branded with specific organizations is important for us. Growth comes when all individual partners can feel secure working with us and promoting adoption with their customers. Furthermore we plan on including value added services that organizations can pay for, but no offers of exclusivity.