Open and fair home buying and selling

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If you have ever bought or sold a home and been frustrated by the process of submitting an offer, guessing what the “best and final offer” should be, or waiting for info on other offers then you are going to love Haus. Haus is the latest Expa company, they’ve built an offer submission and acceptance platform for open and fair home buying and selling. The product is designed to improve efficiency and reduce anxiety during one of the most significant transactions in people’s lives. Haus is launching today, so please let us know what you think
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Buying/selling a home is such a painful process, and one of those you can't believe no one has solved yet. Hoping this product gets us across the finish line. Haven't gone through the end-to-end process yet (since I'm not buying a house...) but looks like a very straightforward and simple take on the problem, good stuff!
Thanks Eric! Anyone who has bought or sold a home or even chatted with friends about it can relate to the headaches and anxiety that come from the existing real estate process. We looked at this problem and thought “how can we solve it with technology?” and now we have Haus! Please let us know what you think.
What a great team + vision. So excited for what's to come. Congrats guys.
@juliaonken Thanks Julia!
This is a big market an a painful process. Going through it now and am excited to see if Haus can make life easier for us all.
@hooman_radfar let us know how it goes, always great to learn more about buyer experiences