Hatjoy 2.0

The interchangeable emoji hat for teams πŸŽ©πŸ˜‚

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Josh Barkin
Co-founder @ Janis.ai
This is a product I made with my kids. I shared our product journey on Medium. TLDR; I wanted to make a hat for myself but couldn't decide on a patch. My kids suggested I make the patch interchangeable so I wouldn't have to decide. https://medium.com/@joshbarkin/h... We launched with a dozen emoji patches. We now have over 35. Plus we now make custom logo patches for startup teams and sports teams. PRO TIP: Wear these at the next Product Hunt Meetup. They make great conversation starters. Plus,if you buy a blank hat you'll get the 😻 patch for free (while supplies last). Use the code KITTY at checkout.
Leo Kangin
Marketing @ PeerBoard
Hey, good idea. We can try to promote your products on MojiHunt, one of the most popular emoji-powered games on Facebook Messenger. PM me please.