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Narek Khachatryan@narekk · Product Designer
Oh this is really awesome. I'm so curious how they calculate the scores. Proud of my 3% score- - but even then, my "worst" offenses were not actually haterisms. Idea: Allow users to report non-offenses so that the algorithm can improve over time based on these reports. Sort of like how users who report spam help spam-fighting tools get better. It would also be kinda funny / kinda cool to have an Internet's Most Wanted list of top trolls of all time.
Kevin McAlearMaker@kevinmcalear · Developer, Amazon
@narekk I love both ideas! I'm definitely going to do the first one and I really like the second one, I'll just have to figure out how to do it. :)
Narek Khachatryan@narekk · Product Designer
@KevinMcAlear Maybe crowdsource it, have a landing page for people who want to "Report a Troll" and then rank the top ones of those :) Dunno just an idea. Good luck anyway, and holler if you want more feedback @narekk on twitter.
Kevin McAlearMaker@kevinmcalear · Developer, Amazon
@narekk awesome, I like the idea! Thanks man, I may just reach out. :)
Krish Dholakiya@krrishd · itskrish.co
I must be really nice if this is my worst comment :D http://cl.ly/image/0w1O1v1T2a3o
Asad Dhamani@asaddhamani · Founder, Crestify
@krrishd Turns out I'm an internet saint too :D. Too bad this doesn't work.
Kevin McAlearMaker@kevinmcalear · Developer, Amazon
If anyone would like to know more about how it is built I wrote up the basics of how the algorithm works. and my findings in general. I'll keep working on it and if anyone has any suggestions let me know! :) http://kevinmcalear.com/thoughts... Also, if you want to help out with it here is the repo: https://github.com/kevinmcalear/...
@KevinMcAlear This is pretty awesome! I wonder if this could be used with Disqus usernames?
Kevin McAlearMaker@kevinmcalear · Developer, Amazon
@larry_lawal Good idea! I'm sure I could figure out something for it. :)
Honey Raj Varma@raj_ventures · Raj Ventures, R&Ds
@KevinMcAlear Great idea Kevin, would love to talk with you regarding machine learning and an iOS app if interested?
Kevin McAlearMaker@kevinmcalear · Developer, Amazon
@raj_ventures Definitely! :) Feel free to email me and we can go from there. kevin.mcalear@gmail.com
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
@_danilo would like this.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
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