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Hey, Product Hunt! I'm Ian, co-founder and CEO of Hatchli. A month ago, we released Hatchli for iOS as an invite only beta. We are excited to announce that today we are launching our open beta for both the iOS and web platforms; looking forward to getting great feedback on the new platform from the community! Everyone has ideas, but too often these ideas go untested, undiscovered, and are ultimately lost. We saw that there needed to be a starting point; a low barrier to entry way to put an idea out there at the concept stage and get real feedback on it. With this in mind, we set out to create Hatchli. Our team is dead-set on making Hatchli the go-to first step in an idea's journey. Hatchli provides the early feedback and validation that ideas need to either take flight or fail fast. Our beta community currently consists of entrepreneurs, makers, innovators, and trend-seekers from over 40 countries; we couldn't be more excited to finally open Hatchli up to the world! Hope you enjoy, and as always, questions / comments / feedback are welcome :)
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Whats the story here? I think that there is definitely a gap for this pre-idea/idea stage but I'm yet to see a product that really nails it on the head and does really well. We've had a few similar products in this space but curious to hear your thoughts.
@bentossell We started working on the idea as undergrads; our fellow students and professors didn't have a way to experiment with and grow idea-stage concepts. This meant that, often, potentially bright ideas went by the way-side. This ultimately led us to build Hatchli. Our unique value comes from being able to get quick real-time feedback on your idea and simultaneously discuss how to apply that feedback and iterate in the ideas "nest".
What are some plans on the development timeline we can look forward to? How do you expand from here?
@tony_alexander We really want to focus on expanding the ways users can grow and iterate on their ideas in the nest and beyond. Giving users an expanded set of analytics on their vote data and creating a feature that allows idea iterations to happen more fluidly are at the top of our list currently!
Very addictive product. I've been using it a couple weeks now and it has engaged me pretty heavily. I love to discuss product/service ideas over a beer with buddies and this is the next best thing. Apps/services were you are able to contribute your opinion with a simplified yes/no are always great.
@pkgill Awesome to hear! If you get a chance, take a look at the web platform and let me know how it compares to the iOS version. So glad you're enjoying Hatchli!
Totally addicted to this...love the design...easy to use...can't stay away!