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We are proud to be launching Hatchful, a digital designer in the palm of your hands! Create stunning logos and social media assets for your business in a matter of minutes - no design skills required. Hatchful seeks to seamlessly bundle the thinking, reasoning, and capabilities of a real-life designer into one beautifully designed app. We believe that the combination of human + machine = incredible gains. Which is why we have opted to seed the platform with the amazing designs (and creativity) of real designers and augment that with software to automate the graphic design process. We created Hatchful to support our ethos of making commerce better for everyone. Our goal is to create more entrepreneurs by reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship. Hatchful helps achieve this end by empowering entrepreneurs with the ability to get their business started with a visual identity quickly. The product is still in early days but we'd love your feedback. Thanks!
@ade_labinjo why is this mobile only? I do real work on my laptop
@ade_labinjo this I'm setting up a website for my mom's cooking class she just got started with and this was super helpful. Thanks!

Much easier and less expensive than hiring a designer. Especially when you want a fast feedback loop.


Very easy to use. Slick design. Produces loads of assets for social media accounts and other uses.


Nothing that I can think of right now.

A couple things after walking through the app. 1. If it's a Shopify app why does it not have a way to sync with your Shopify store. 2. When it showed the social media examples, it only showed a logo. I had to swipe through to find examples of the banners. It took me a few times playing with it to find it. I kept saying "Where are the banners?" Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Hi Deandre! 1) We do have plans to sync assets to customer stores. 2) We are going to make the banners more prominent in the app. Thanks for your feedback!
Hatchful is the 1st iteration on a problem that many new businesses face, creating and sharing their identity. I'm curious, is your intent to grow the app beyond logo creation? I went through the process to create a logo but then saw no reason to come back to the app or request for push notifications. I could see this growing into something like a more focused Snappa but only if I was introduced to a reason to return in that 1st experience. Hopefully constructive criticism: - The step to pick the business category seemed to provide little value when clicking through a few categories and seeing little deviation. This is a barrier to logo creation and could be dropped. - The "Pick a Template" > Create Logo flow is a bit flawed for logo creation. A designer has a sense of what length company name & slogan works in a particular option. Have me fill in my business name and just show templates that are viable options to reduce a lot of back-and-forth. - The word "template" brings up the concern that the outcome will be generic instead of unique. A logo made with Hatchful is unique because of the amount of icon/frame/color/etc options. Possibly drop the template terminology and show me the power of those options earlier. Great work so far! I'm going to spend some more time with it to try and create a logo for my new shopify store.
This is probably the first landing page I have seen without the direct link to the app. Even though the mobile / responsive version has it, I guess for some, direct link makes more sense (one click install, reviews, etc).