Artisan cooking ingredients & recipes delivered to your door

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I came away from the page still wondering *what you get*. I understand that you're receiving ingredients, but product shots of the tasting box look limited to sauces and spices. Are fresh ingredients included — like Blue Apron? Or is this solely a sauce and spices service?
@extremelyn as of now, we do not include "fresh" ingredients, we are more about condiments and pantry staples such as sauces, honeys, syrups, oils, jams, cocktail mixers, and more.
I had this idea last 2 years ago and didn't execute on it! :) I had a great name for it too. Oh well, Hatchery looks pretty neat, going to try it for a month and report back.
@kingsleyharris So what did you think of Hatchery?
Great brand, beautiful site. Built with Cratejoy?
@kgdavis thanks! You should check out our newly redesigned site (neither of which were built on the Cratejoy system).
Looks cool. Makes it easy to impress your friends with all the mental overhead of finding a recipe and ingredients taken care of.
@tommaxwelll yes! I've become much more of a foodie since jumping on. For every new item we bring into our Marketplace, we create specific recipes and editorial so that you know how best to use it.
Hey guys, @meadowsm here from Hatchery HQ. Let me know if you have any questions! We actually just announced the launch of our Marketplace, a place to find and order small-batch famers market items from independent makers across the country.