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Slack for your personal life

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You're on a hunting streak @benln! Yesterday: Google Analytics for your life Today: Slack for you personal life Tomorrow: "Zendesk for your personal life"?
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@antoneliasson getting the best business tools to consumers. Not bad and some of the fun innovation always makes it back the other way.occulus rift for realtors.
@antoneliasson @benln I would love an app that is Zendesk for your personal life! I actually consitered getting a Zendesk subscription just to manage my email mailbox.
@askdaylen I also like Zendesk for immediate action stuff. We use it on our website. In Hatch, you can have zen desk like chats with one or many, and edit stuff that goes out with typos etc. fast or slow, the conversation is smooth.
@dscornell I don't use a iPhone (I'm a Windows Phone fanboy). Take a look at the Windows Bridge for iOS (https://dev.windows.com/en-us/br...), it lets you port Objective-C apps to Windows 10.
@askdaylen I used a palm when everyone had blackberry. Fun to do things differently. We will have web client and android soon. Windows phone? Do you think it is going to grow?
Thanks,ย @benln for posting!ย  We found email gets clunky for talking to the whole group. One person would forget to reply all and break the whole thread. But making plans over Facebook wasnโ€™t quite right either. Thatโ€™s when we realized: there is a gap between email and social media. We made Hatch to fill that gap. Hatch is less about postingย your status, and more about getting your message to the right people.ย  Hatch is built around channels (just like Slack). You can edit messages and bookmark important ones. We have our own set of slash commands. Something else thatโ€™s unique about Hatch is you can add people to a channel and they donโ€™t need to have the app to joinโ€”they can follow along and reply via email just as if they were in the channel. Looking forward to getting your feedback! Tino
@tinochow @benln curious what's wrong with the Facebook planning experience (excluding the reason that not everyone has Facebook). I like the conversion from email to app, because some people just want to keep on emailing... Curious for the use cases though... Does this work for sport teams? Or (recurring) family trips? How many times are you planning things, instead Slack is just for every day... and connect with multiple services (does your connect too?) And why are you using serif fonts on a pretty clean and sans serif look and feel? ;)
@milann Thanks for the feedback! We built Hatch Messenger because we're discontent with the way that social media, messaging and email works for large group communication. While these tools are built for speed, conversations often splinter and meander. We wanted to build a tool for both speed and organization. We had various groups try out our product, including family, parents with kids, college groups, church groups, and others. We solve a fundamental communication challenge that many groups faces and we believe that whatever the topic, we will be the tool for you.
This would really be perfect for schools. I love the way it prevents the fallout of a network by requiring all to have the app!
@mrkampmann Exactly, that was one of our biggest frustration with a lot of social networks and messaging apps.
@mrkampmann knowing my kids, they plan with snapchat at school and then can't remember where they are supposed to be. School clubs are an early segment.
@dscornell I am having a hard time with the reply via email. Do you just reply to a message that was sent to you? Or is there some other trick?
@mrkampmann the reply from email goes to the channel. Everyone sees it if they are participants in the channel. Pretty cool and the channel is your privacy circle. There is a weblink to get full context when desired.
@mrkampmann oops. Yes. You can reply to the email to send to the channel. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Interesting. We've been using Slack as a family chat tool (sue me, I'm a geek) but this look more suited to a social application.
@andreasduess slack works well as a family tool if you have that conforming family. We are more consumer driven and the family members can effectively have unlimited teams with others that each of you are not a part of. One stop shop. Also, grandma can get her participation via email - 2 way.
@dscornell yes - just downloaded it and will get my long suffering wife to give this a whirl :D
@andreasduess I am one of the folks on support, so I will hold her hand. My wife took a bit of time to dig deep, just chatting at first, now she is a power user! Web client coming soon which helps with longer form communication. Thanks.
@askdaylen I like that too. Seems a little more focused on knowing where people are.
I use GroupMe in a similar fashion but interested to compare this approach. Doesn't it extend to SMS as well?
@tsudo we current don't extend to SMS yet, only to email. We have it on our product road map. The reason being that, unlike GroupMe, we support threaded messaging. Each channel can have multiple conversation threads in them to help you organize thoughts and have sidebar conversations. Check it out and let us know what you think.
@tsudo can you edit your posts in groupme? We definitely want to compete with groupme.