Hasura GraphQL Engine gives you instant high-performance realtime GraphQL on any Postgres database (existing or new).

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8 Reviews5.0/5

Recently tried it out with our existing heroku postgres app that had a lot of data and slow APIs on our 500K+ records.. Got it working in a few minutes and now we have GraphQL!


Easy to get started (even on an existing database as-is), yet lightweight with almost no footprint.


No support for relay connection spec.

simple to get started on a small SPA project with minimal effort


simple and easy setup to get started for a new project


no clear indication in the UI about database indexes and minor UI issues in permissions UI.

Thanks @sairam! We're working on adding more SQL features gradually to the UI. And that's why the SQL window for now allows you to run any SQL command. Can you elaborate on the UI issues that bugged you? You can let us know here, on github (https://github.com/hasura/graphq...) or on discord! (https://discord.gg/vBPpJkS)

So far, this is the most powerful and flexible GraphQL engine I have ever used.

- Lightweight memory footprint

- PostgreSQL specific: You get everything from PostgreSQL features like view (for masking public/private columns), triggers, you can even do data validation with PostgreSQL

- Nice permission model

- Auth webhook frees you from coupling data storing and authentication

- Fast support/responses. These folks always online on their Discord channel

I can't recommend GraphQL Engine enough


Super easy to setup and deploy. PostgreSQL first


The permission UI looks a little bit confusing and no way to set multiple permissions at once

Thanks a lot for this solution, I tried to find something like this for a long time.
@alex_barashkov Thank you! Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts! We are very active on our discord channel as well in case you need any help while building! https://discord.gg/vBPpJkS
Thank you @kwdinc for hunting us :) We’re super happy to announce the open-source Hasura GraphQL engine that gives you instant realtime GraphQL on Postgres. We launched 3 weeks ago on HackerNews (https://news.ycombinator.com/ite...) and today we’re very excited to launch our latest addition - realtime GraphQL (live queries & subscriptions) that will help you build awesome apps with GraphQL on one of the world’s favourite databases. 🌟🌟Here are some of the highlights🌟🌟: - Supports live-queries: Convert any GraphQL query to a subscription and get live-queries - Add to new or existing live Postgres databases - Admin UI for managing database schema and with GraphiQL - Field level access control that can integrate with any auth provider - Support for migrations and version control - Supports PostGIS, UUID, GraphQL over views and sql functions and other awesome Postgres features. To try it out - head to https://hasura.io and take it for a spin on Heroku! Do let us know if you have any questions :) 🙏
@kwdin @rajoshighosh Awesome! How does it compare to Apollo server + Prisma?
@kwdin @rajoshighosh @hypervillain At a high-level, 2 main things make Hasura different: 1) Hasura can safely be exposed directly to your app 2) Hasura is designed to be postgres first These 2 philosophies result in different features: 1) Built in-access control 2) Extremely high performance even for complex queries 3) Live-queries that apps can use directly 4) Add to an existing live database, even as it is being used by another application 5) Support for postgres views, types (postgis, json/jsonb, uuid etc), sql functions and so on 6) Optional database migration tooling or bring your own migrations Ofcourse, you can always use it behind your custom business logic too by doing schema-stitching which works well for customising the schema or adding business logic too!