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#5 Product of the DayMay 12, 2017
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Hi Product Hunters, as a WordPress developer I love the tool GenerateWP. It takes over the unimportant and default WordPress tasks, like generating shortcodes or custom post types. But at least I needed to much time for this default task and the tool was not very smart. So I decided to build my own code generator for WordPress, which is easy, smart and makes fun. And here it is. It's saves you much time and you can concentrate on developer tasks which are more important. So if you are a WordPress developer, than try out Hasty and say what you think and help us to improve Hasty.
@baidoct You can't say which one is better. It is your decision. I like Hasty more than generateWP because it is faster, has a live code editor and a better usability... in my case (because I don't want so save my snippets). But at least it is your decision, which tool fits better to your workflow.
@codesuey @baidoct I guess being free is another major difference too? Even if right now not all snippets are live.
This looks like what I may need 😃
Hey great stuff ! Could you please make a demo video ,so that it would be quite clear about the features in it