A project management tool for people who hate project management tools.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Looks really promising! Pros: looks really good, intuitive and easy to find. I like the easy task status, it's a nice touch. combining task management with chat is a good idea, but it's a bit risky, as communication could move from ordered tasks to "but i wrote it in the chat" and there needs to be a chat specific to the project or a way to connect something said to a note. Cons: no kanban, no integrations
Seems very elegant and easy to use. One tip - after an action you have a notification "uno momento" - that's incorrect Spanish ;) should just be un momento
Looks extremely clean & nice. I love the chill, relaxed branding. Pros: Super clean, intuitive UI. It's the complete opposite of bloatware. Cons: No integrations. No project templates. I genuinely like this CRM!
@ilijarolovic Thank you 'the opposite of bloatware' is exactly our goal! Project templates are currently being built, now that you've signed up we'll send you an email once they are built. If you have any ideas on what project templates or integrations you'd like you can email me direct at lauren@hassl.co, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I like this, It's simple and to the point, and gives you an estimated reported without all the hoopla.


Really good really easy to use, learn to use and to work


No mobile app, no Kanban, no roadmap, no gantt