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AlexandraT Greenhill
AlexandraT Greenhill@atgreenhill · Founder of Littlecodr, game kids code
Awesome find on @producthunt: @hasttest.io - great add on to any #socialmedia and #contentmarketers toolkit cc @hootsuite @rivalIQ @mattastifan @visualping
Marc Hoag
Marc HoagHunter@marchoag · Head of Product, Twibble
Ramesh Padala
Ramesh Padala@rameshdot0 · Maker of flexbot.ai & yogatailor
@marchoag @atgreenhill @producthunt @hasttest @hootsuite @rivaliq @mattastifan @visualping @v1ch0 @twibbleio we hustle the hell out of social media so this is pretty cool. hashtagging is as important as having the right domain name. A question, can you tell us about your journey till here? How did you get here? What's next for hashtest? Best!
Marc Hoag
Marc HoagHunter@marchoag · Head of Product, Twibble
@rameshdot0 @atgreenhill @producthunt @hasttest @hootsuite @rivaliq @mattastifan @visualping @v1ch0 @twibbleio Thanks Ramesh! It's a short but cool story actually :) Twibble.io always had hashtag AB testing -- enter a bunch of hashtags, 3 of which would randomly be used in your scheduled tweets, and analytics would alert you to the best and worst ones -- but then we realized we were missing a step: start with the best hashtags, and then AB test only those (i.e., why even bother AB testing crappy hashtags, right?). So then we thought, ok, let's color-code the resulting hashtags as you enter them -- green for great, then yellow, red, and black -- and almost as soon as we were done, we realized -- wait a second! -- this doesn't exist anywhere yet, but it's too cool to keep it walled up within Twibble, so let's release it to the public for free!! And voilà HashTest was born! :)
Serge Salager
Serge Salager@sergesalager · CEO, RetargetLinks
Thanks @atgreenhill for @visualping shoutout on @producthun
Barbara Tien
Barbara Tien@barbaratien · Co-founder & CEO, Ponga
Great little product. Super simple and usable. Thanks for putting this out there!
Marc Hoag
Marc HoagHunter@marchoag · Head of Product, Twibble
@gollyjer thanks Jeremy!!!! :)
Maurizio Tripi
Maurizio Tripi@mauriziotripi · CEO @ Real Contacts, Inc.
I was looking for a product like this, Thanks
Marc Hoag
Marc HoagHunter@marchoag · Head of Product, Twibble
Sweet! Just got a shout out from Neil Patel! https://neilpatel.com/blog/googl...