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Hashtag Key is a way to add hashtags on Social Media with the speed of light. Create custom categories, add your hashtags and forget about copy-pasting from your notes apps or typing every time you post.

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Mikail Gurbuz
Mikail Gurbuz@standingstill · https://www.awaytake.com
Wow, thats the best solution to an aged problem. Well done.
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on Qlearly.com
This is pretty clever! I don't know if I would personally use it but I am sure many could benefit from it. Do you have a way to apply multiple or a full category at a time?
Raul Ropan
Raul Ropan@raul_ropan · mobile developer
@guillaumebardet Yes. Just drag down and release. All the hashtags in the category will be applied
Emily Niemann
Emily Niemann@emilyniemann · marketing
Smarani Ch
Smarani Ch@smaranich · Tester
Such a great way to add hashtags to your posts. Saves time and makes management efficient. Makes posting your blogs easier. Loved it.
Cormac Hayden
Cormac Hayden@cormachayden
Great idea! This will save me tons of time on Instagram. Is there a way to integrate with popular hashtag tools like TagBlender or HashtagForLikes? Some way to auto-populate the best hashtags for each category.
Boiciuc Ciprian
Boiciuc CiprianMaker@ciprian_boiciuc · Designer
@cormachayden we don’t know if TagBlender or HashtagForLikes have an API to do that. From my research these hashtag generators are not that accurate. Let’s take this example: i want to post a photo with #mountains. Those generators will give me hashtags related to my keyword but nothing related to activity #hiking #hikingadventures #landscape and so on.