Hashtag Key iOS

Create social media hashtags quickly

Hashtag Key is a way to add hashtags on Social Media with the speed of light. Create custom categories, add your hashtags and forget about copy-pasting from your notes apps or typing every time you post.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Wow, thats the best solution to an aged problem. Well done.
This is pretty clever! I don't know if I would personally use it but I am sure many could benefit from it. Do you have a way to apply multiple or a full category at a time?
@guillaumebardet Yes. Just drag down and release. All the hashtags in the category will be applied
Such a great way to add hashtags to your posts. Saves time and makes management efficient. Makes posting your blogs easier. Loved it.
Great idea! This will save me tons of time on Instagram. Is there a way to integrate with popular hashtag tools like TagBlender or HashtagForLikes? Some way to auto-populate the best hashtags for each category.
@cormachayden we don’t know if TagBlender or HashtagForLikes have an API to do that. From my research these hashtag generators are not that accurate. Let’s take this example: i want to post a photo with #mountains. Those generators will give me hashtags related to my keyword but nothing related to activity #hiking #hikingadventures #landscape and so on.