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Get instant color-graded feedback on hashtags as you type, anywhere on the web. Integrates with Hootsuite, Buffer, Hubspot, SproutSocial, Tweetdeck, Twitter, Facebook and nearly everything.

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I'm excited about using this feature to discover hashtag trends in a quick and painless manner. Saul, one of the makers, has been telling me about it for a while and I'm glad I'll get to use it now!
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@kikischirr Thanks for Hunting this, Kiki. And @bentossell, #gratitude RiteTag just freed it's engagement analytics for your convenience. Get instant Tweet notifications - too your phone, desktop, etc. - any time you need to isolate hashtags, just tweet to @ritetagAPI like this: @ritetagAPI #infosec stats That sends us your request for a hashtag's engagement analytics. You'll get a notification with an image and link to the full in about two seconds. For full details on how to use the analytics pages, how to use the stats (e.g. go for high impressions/retweets numbers vs. unique tweets/hr number), please see our help page for this feature: https://ritetag.com/help/free-ha...
I think RiteTag is one of the hidden secrets of smart tagging tool that all content curators and authors should be using. Actually, it is a must and smart tool if you want to get maximum reach for every post you share. I am always glad to talk about RiteTag and show people how amazing it is. If you are not using RiteTag for hashtagging it is equal to closing your eyes and picking hashtags hoping you pick the right ones. I love it!
@luminatelove Thanks David! We're really excited about this new feature to continuously help you understand the effectiveness of hashtags you pick!
This is great, I just tried it! Another easy way to get the great analytics you can always expect from RiteTag!
@lelper Thanks Lela! Really glad you like it. Understanding a hashtag's engagement analytics helps you expand your social media reach and increase engagement. It's yet another tool that RiteTag provides to help your posts reach maximum viewership. We're very excited about it!
@lelper Lela!!! Appreciate that. This one is open to all, even people who are not signed up for RiteTag.
I have been using this for a while now and its pretty sharp on trends and how hashtags are part of a certain tree of hashtags. Good one.
@leanux_bala Thanks, Bala. Since you noted that you're using it, from mid-January, if you have a number of startups that each need a Pro RiteTag account, we will offer a way for an agency to pay less for more accounts, and let individual campaign managers keep their stuff to themselves, connect all their social profiles, etc. Lots coming...
@osakasaul Thx for that offer. Will be in touch when in need.
Loving it. Thanks for building it.
@misbahspeaks Thanks, Misbah. It is the fastest way to get current engagement analytics on any hashtag in actual use, and we've made this open to all.