Hashtag Analytics

Visual insight for social campaigns

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Looks super interesting -- will try it out!! @alancassinelli @ryanparr @justinogarrity
@nivo0o0 awesome thanks! We would love any and all feedback
@alancassinelli just signed up, will be interested to see how this goes. With other solutions that tell me the best hashtag I'm using, I always feel like they don't take usage frequency into account. I also love the idea of sourcing new hashtags based on ones I'm using
@alancassinelli @ryanparr @justinogarrity Just trying to create an account and I'm stuck on the "Set a password screen" Using this password: VW{6vaXEjo=EqgUCrj7J I get the following error: "The password must be at least 5 characters long and contain 1 number" When I remove the non-alpha-numeric characters the form allows the password to be set.
When saving this form on the settings page to set a new password, it allows for the non-alpha-numeric characters to be used.
I like how the title of the page changes to "Hey, come back!" when you go away from the page. Interesting design choice.
@vr3690 thanks. A little growth hack we are testing that we learned from gleam.io
@alancassinelli @vr3690 Are you guys A/B testing it? Would be interesting to see the results.
One more for the the Portland Built Products collection. Looks slick guys! https://www.producthunt.com/@joh... Also I notice you're launching w/ IG and Twitter, what's the next platform you're looking to support after those?
@johannbenedikt thanks for adding us there. Instagram and Twitter are the default options, Vine and Google+ are in our platform as well as they are the only other networks that support public hashtags (Facebook hashtags aren't public). The rest of the other major social networks don't have uniform metrics so we put them in a separate tab available as part of the Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans.
This is interesting. I think this could be super useful for measuring the buzz of different events. On the consumer side rather than business: As a student I've always wanted a tool to gauge pre-event buzz to aid my decision making when it comes to which ones to attend.