Overcoming hookup culture

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@maiab @bentossell thanks for the opportunity! Hey Hunters! I'm Oded, Co-Founder at Hashsnap. Hashsnap is a relationship app. No, not a dating app, a relationship app. We noticed that in the sea of dating apps, there is no platform for those who are looking for a serious relationship. In the last decade, the process of building your profile on dating apps has almost been omitted. It's all about quick and instant gratification, but you don't really expect to find a real relationship the same way you order an Uber, do you? Our vision is to allow people to meet and connect with others based on who they really are, without superficiality. Hashsnap has six themes to which you can upload your pictures and videos. You can only take LIVE pictures and videos through the app's camera, and the theme is embedded into the snap. This means that all the content is authentic and up-to-date. It gives you the legitimacy to upload content you can't upload to any other dating app. We are aiming to change not only the way we look for real relationships, but also society's behavior (http://goo.gl/w4OpOj) in regards to online dating. Shout out to the rest of the team that are helping achieve this vision, including @liron @Liorgotesman @bermster @RachelTRusso @jessicanemire @DanBilzerian. We need you in order to start the change! Let's talk about it :)
How do you think this compares with Tindr's Instagram integration?
@zachtratar The Instagram feature is definitely cool, but you don't expect people to build their Instagram profile the same way they would build their dating profile. In addition, Instagram pictures might be outdated. But, the bigger picture is that on Tinder, the culture is NOT to invest time in exploring profiles even if they do have a lot of content. On Hashsnap, we value putting attention in profiles and not making superficial decisions.
@zachtratar Tinder is a great solution for those who are not necessarily looking for a meaningful relationship. We are aiming for a completely different demographic.
I Like the concept! what is the point of the timer though?
@sylvainkalache If you quickly swipe through every profile, you won’t get an accurate sense of what anyone is like as a person. The timer makes sure that your profile gets the amount of attention it deserves. We expect the same on your side- you have 20 seconds between profiles to explore someone based on their snaps. No more split second decisions based on outdated profile pictures.
@ovakrat I get the idea however I am not convinced that the timer between profiles actually have the effect you want. Because you are waiting on an empty screen and not a person profile which won't make the user "give the right amount of attention". May giving users access to the "like" or "dislike" buttons after a certains amount of time once they are on a user screen would make the trick - and then still having the maximum time limit (which seems to not be working btw).
@sylvainkalache thank you for the feedback. There are a few things, behind the scenes, that have to do with the way it's implemented now. For example: We don't want your screen to stay "stuck" on a certain profile without the option to continue to another screen. We are trying to start a behavioral change in the way we explore others' profiles online. You gave us a very cool idea though, on how to improve this feature. Did you have any more thoughts on some of our other features?
I like the fact that the pictures are current and its in the "here and now" vs seeing profiles from who knows when. (We all know too well, profiles say nothing about or what people really look like in person) So this looks great and will weed out a lot of frustration. Rockstar app.
@sfbaydoc Thanks man. We appreciate the support!
I think the idea of taking live pictures is interesting, but I was wondering how does this change "society's behavior in regards to online dating"? Is it simply that you are trying to attract people looking for serious relationships?
@hey_arne No, it's not a marketing gimmick​. Changing society's behaviour in regards to online dating is our "WHAT". "WHY" we built Hashsnap is because we want to give those who looking for a real relationship, or those that are tired of the hookup culture a solution. Our "HOW" is as you mentioned- live pictures and videos, in addition to other features such as suggested themes to show off your personality and attention in profiles (timer feature).
@hey_arne thanks for taking part in the disscusion! We definitely appreciate insight and feedback from female hunters :) Hoping for more! Cheers
@ovakrat thanks for your reply. I can't try the app (no one around me) so it's a bit difficult to visualize how it works. At first I thought themes were how your profile looks but I think it means the hashtag that you are embedding into the photos? Can you talk more about how that feature works and how it helps people match?
@hey_arne Sure :) The themes appear in your app's camera. You can swipe between them before you snap in order to choose between- #Yummy #HavingFun #DayMaker #HiddenTalent #FitnessTime #MillionDollarSmile. In every picture or video that you take, the theme will be embedded into the photo. See it as an authenticity stamp. We found that these themes help users upload content that they would never upload to a dating app exposing their true self. That's why profiles here so unique and show off personality. It helps people match, since the more snaps you have in your profile, the more exposure you get and your profile can tell much more about you.