Teams with friends. Fantasy football that doesn't suck.

Hashletes is a digital collectible game. In the Hashletes world, each NFL player has 25,000 tokens, and once a user buys that token, they own it forever until they choose to sell or trade it to another user. By owning a token, users can build teams with their friends to compete for weekly cash prizes.

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Hey everyone! Back again with a new feature called Teams With Friends. What we’ve realized over the past month from watching our users play and win is that Hashletes is a social game. People want to talk smack, build teams with friends, and win together. Today we’re announcing Teams With Friends, a new way to play Hashletes with your friends. Each person in the group adds specific player tokens that they own to the team, and then the group competes against other groups to hit the weekly points target and break into the top five. We're excited about this new feature and can't wait to see what you guys think! Like always, feel free to ask any questions! Enjoy!