Digital Tokens for NFL Players

Hashletes is a new app where you can collect NFL players, trade them with other users, and win cash every week.

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Hey, I'm Brennan, one of the co-founders of Hashletes. We've spent the past eight months really grinding it out on this product-- from working on the license with the NFLPA to getting funded by Khosla Ventures to making sure we were legally compliant with fantasy regulators and to building the product. A lot of people have helped us get here, and we're really excited to finally show you what we've been working on. I'm here to answer any questions about the process of getting the app built and launched, the tech stack we're using or anything about the experience of the app. Feel free to critique the app as much as you want. The co-founding team has experience at Snapchat, Dropbox and Netflix so we know what product iteration looks like 😄Enjoy Hashletes!
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Cool concept but I do agree with a fellow commenter here - using token is somewhat misleading as its terminology directly linked with the blockchain. This is a neat concept and I'd try and make that clearer upfront.
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And super impressed you nabbed the NFL license for this. Will download and check out for myself.
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Reminds me of Stolen!! cc @blader
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Love the design, how does this differ from other fantasy football type games such as draftkings etc
@aaronoleary The single biggest differentiator is player ownership. When you purchase a pack of tokens or an individual player token, you own the token(s) forever. The tokens can be used in weekly games, and will be useful in future applications like live Q+A with the athlete. If at any point you want to get rid of a token, you'll also be able to sell it on the Hashletes marketplace.
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@aaronoleary With the foundation being player ownership, the application ecosystem really opens up. One example of that is Multiplayer, a game we'll be releasing soon, where you'll be able to build teams with your friends to compete for the weekly cash prizes. Each friend brings their tokens, and the group collaborates on who to play.
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Cool idea - reading “token” made me think crypto... any plans/ideas on cryptocurrency integration? (Or is that already baked in somehow?)
@markmiscavage Co-founder of Hashletes here :) We are using blockchain technology in the backend of our product and plan to incorporate more user-facing features as we see demand. Blockchain provides a great objective way to verify digital scarcity and we plan to use it (i.e. there are 25,000 tokens per player this season based on our contract supply and the receipts of transactions). Eventually we want to enable the capability for users to remove their tokens from the Hashletes platform and onto a blockchain. The reason for doing this could be because the token has attained some unique characteristics (i.e. additional player abilities based on amount of token gameplay) and the user now wants to own & hold it as a unique collectible instead of a playable token. Since token attribute amassing isn't feasible right out of the gate, the blockchain adapter features are a few months away.
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